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(Operating for 26 years, Since 1988)

Pacific Waste Services, Inc. (PWS) is a full service landfill operations & closure contractor and engineer company, specializing in solid waste facilities.  This Statement of Qualifications provides a synopsis of our relevant experience and brief descriptions of a number of related projects completed or currently in progress by PWS. 

PWS has been in business for 26 years, since May 1988.  PWS has offices in San Ramon and Paso Robles, California.  Examples of past and present customers include: City of Paso Robles, Chicago Grade Landfill, Southwest Environmental Services, Oneida Total Integrated Enterprises, RECOLOGY, CALCO, Del Norte Solid Waste Management Authority, Tuolumne County, City of Alameda, Mariposa County, BURRTEC, Idaho Waste Systems, and MDB Consulting Engineers.

PWS is incorporated in the State of California. PWS is a California licensed Class A General Engineering Contractor. PWS' engineer, Mr. James Wyse is licensed in California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Idaho, and Ohio. 

PWS has been operating and managing sanitary landfill operations since 1988.  PWS has provided contract landfill operations at: 1) Crescent City Landfill from 1996 to 2005 when the site closed; 2) Paso Robles Landfill since 1999 through 2020; and 3) Camp Roberts Landfill operations in 2013 for disposal of Phase 1 World War II Demolished Structures. PWS also operates a permitted C&D Recycling Facility at the Paso Robles Landfill. The Crescent City Landfill handled 75 to 100 tons per day of mixed solid waste.  The Paso Robles Landfill handles an average of 200+ tons per day of mixed solid waste.  The Camp Roberts landfill 2013 landfill operations handled between 250 and 350 tons per day of demolition waste.  At the Paso Robles Landfill, PWS has had varying responsibilities for engineering, construction, landfill gas system operations and maintenance, recycling and compliance efforts.  PWS also has provided operations management and oversight at several additional landfills in Northern California (Hillside Landfill, Neal Road Landfill, West Marin Landfill, Mariposa County Landfill and City of Portola Landfill).  PWS also assisted with operations bidding and planning for BURRTEC on San Bernardino County Landfill operations.  A summary of our landfill operations services follows:

  • Refuse Placement, Compaction Work           
  • Daily Cover with Soil or ADC (tarps, C&D fines, Glass fines)
  • Regulatory Permit(s) Compliance                  
  • Drainage/Runoff/Erosion Control
  • Construction & Demolition Recycling Operations
  • Customer Recyclable Drop-Off Operation    
  • On-Site Transfer Station Operation
  • Sorting Recycling Materials at Landfill         
  • Landfill Refuse Compaction Testing & Analysis
  • Environmental Control Feature Installation  
  • Health and Safety Training
  • Provide equipment, experienced manpower  
  • Operate landfills in Compliance
  • Landfill Operations Bidding, Budgeting      
  • Equipment Repair/Maintenance
  • Landfill Fee Setting/Collection Assistance   
  • Equipment Selection and Purchase
  • Landfill Operations Sequence Plans              
  • Schedule, Plan Site Improvement



PWS provides construction services associated with solid waste facilities and has been a licensed Class A engineering contractor in California since 1996.  Example construction services and projects include:

  • Landfill Final Cover, Closure Facilities Construction
  • Landfill Liner Systems (Clay, GCL, LLDPE, HDPE, Geocomposite, Geonet)
  • Landfill Gas Systems Construction (Wells, Laterals, Flare/Blower Facility)
  • Landfill Gas Probe Installation
  • Construction Surveying
  • Transfer Station Construction


    Example projects include:

  • Paso Robles Landfill Modules 2B, 3A, 3B, 3Ca Base Liner Construction. Four 5 to 8-acre composite lined modules were constructed by PWS including, movement of existing refuse where not approved, verification of insitu low-permeable clay base, compacted subgrade, geosynthetic clay, geomembrane, geocomposite drainage layer, leachate collection piping/tank, and soil operations layer.
  • Vandenberg AFB Phase 2 Closure Construction Project. PWS has a subcontract with Oneida Total Integrated Enterprises to perform all earthwork for a 7 acre landfill closure project using a monolithic final cover system composed of mixed on-site soils.
  • Crescent City Landfill Final Closure Phase 1 & Phase 2.  Final landfill closure of 24 acre area including excavation/relocation of 40,000 cubic yards of solid waste from over steepened sloped, passive landfill gas collection/venting system, final cover liner systems (foundation layer, 60 mil. geomembrane, geocomposite subsurface drainage layer, vegetation layer), and drainage/erosion control facilities. 
  • Hillside Landfill Parcel 1 & Parcel 3.  Parcel 1 improved final cover over a 15 acre previously closed landfill area included low permeable clay layer, thick soil cover, grading for golf course end use, and multiple geomembrane irrigation pond.  Parcel 3 landfill final cover over a 11 acre area included active landfill gas collection system extension, final cover liner systems (foundation layer, 60 mil. geomembrane, geocomposite subsurface drainage layer, geogrid layer, vegetation layer), and drainage/erosion control facilities.  We are providing construction management services for the current 24-acre Parcel 2 closure construction efforts.
  • Jolon Road Transfer Station.  PWS designed, permitted and constructed a transfer station at the closed Jolon Road Landfill to accommodate 200 tons per day of waste transfer.
  • Hillside Landfill Gas Collection System Extension.  PWS designed, permitted and constructed an expansion of the landfill gas wells and collection system.
  • Paso Robles Landfill Gas Collection and Flaring System. A full landfill gas collection and flaring system was constructed to control surface emissions and perimeter migration. Such construction was completed in several phases.  Another phased expansion of the system was designed and permitted in 2010 and is scheduled for construction in 2015.
  • Lewis Road Landfill Gas Collection and Flare System.  A full landfill gas collection and flaring system was constructed to control surface emissions and perimeter migration under contract with Monterey County Public Works Department. 

PWS is experienced with all aspects of landfill, transfer station and recycling facility master planning, design, engineering, permitting, closure and construction quality assurance (CQA) including:

  • Landfill Liner/Final Closure Design, Permitting, Regulatory Approval
  • Landfill Liner/Final Closure Construction Management/CQA Monitor/Test/ Certification of over 10 million square feet of liner.
  • Preparation of Landfill Joint Technical Documents (CalRecycle and RWQCB format)
  • Contract Administration of County & Private Closure Construction Projects
  • Landfill Design, Permitting, Planning & Regulatory Agency Liaison
  • Landfill Expansion Design, Documents, Permitting, & Regulatory Agency Liaison
  • Closure Construction Plans, Specifications and Bid Document Preparation
  • Preparation of Landfill System Construction Bid Plans and Specifications
  • Preparation of Fill Sequence Plans for Landfill Operator/Owner
  • Storm Water Best Management Practice Designs, Monitoring, Reports, Permits
  • Preparation of Final & Preliminary Closure/Post Closure Maintenance Plans including closure construction cost estimates, financial assurance program set up
  • Surveying Services for Grade Control, Fill Sequencing, Topo Mapping, Compaction
  • Compost Facility Design & Permitting
  • Transfer Station Design & Permitting

Recent project design, permitting, construction management, CQA experience is listed below:

  • Paso Robles Landfill Updated JTD and Preliminary Closure and Post Closure Plan
  • Paso Robles Landfill Regulatory Approved Leachate Recirculation Design Plan
  • Paso Robles Landfill Module 3B & 3Ca Design, Permitting and Construction
  • Recology's Pacheco Pass Landfill Closure Project/Construction Management & Administration
  • Tuolumne County Project/Construction Manager & Administration of Jamestown Landfill Re-design and Re-Closure $8+ million Construction Project
  • Hillside Landfill Parcel 2 Final Closure Design, Permit, Construction Manager, CQA
  • Fill Sequencing Designs for Crazy Horse, Johnson Canyon, and Pacheco Pass Landfill
  • Paso Robles Landfill's Phased Liner Systems: design, approval, construct, CQA, certify
  • Pahrump Landfill (Nevada) Design, Operations and Closure Plan document & analysis
  • Pahrump Landfill Drainage/Berm Construction Management, CQA
  • Pahrump Landfill Partial Final Closure Construction CQA
  • Crescent City Landfill Revised Final Grading Plan Design & Permitting
  • Hillside Landfill Phased Liner Design, Permit, Construction Manager, CQA and Certify
  • Hillside Landfill Parcel 1 & 3 Final Closure Design, Permit, Construction Management, CQA, Certification and Regulatory Agency Approvals
  • Hillside Landfill Joint Technical Document
  • Hillside Landfill Final Closure/Post Closure Plan & Permitting
  • Paso Robles Landfill Preliminary Closure and Post Closure Maintenance Plan
  • Simco Road Regional Landfill (Idaho) New Facility Design, Permitting & Liner CQA
  • Camp Roberts Landfill Operations for the special waste cell (2013)
  • Vandenberg AFB Landfill Phase 2 Closure Construction (2015)
  • Fort Irwin Landfill, MRF Operations (2016)​

PWS has provided full service capability for landfill gas systems including:

  • Design & Permitting of Landfill Gas Collection and Flaring Systems
  • Observation/Documentation of Landfill Gas System Construction, Operation
  • California Air Pollution Control District permitting, reporting, compliance
  • EPA Title V Regulation Compliance Permitting, Monitoring and Reporting
  • California Greenhouse Gas Regulations Designs, Compliance Reporting for Landfill
  • Monitoring, Operation, Maintenance, Repair of Landfill Gas Collection Systems
  • Local Air Permit Compliance and Regulatory Compliance
  • Gas Collection System Well Field Tuning for Maximum Energy Production
  • Preparation and Implementation of LFG Monitoring and Reporting Program
  • Evaluation of Landfill Gas to Electricity Engine Viability
  • Evaluate impacts of Greenhouse Gas Regulations on landfill operations and monitoring

PWS currently provides landfill gas system O&M and monitoring services at the Paso Robles Landfill and City of Alameda's Doolittle Landfill.   Over the years, we have worked on over 20 landfill gas collection and flaring systems.

PWS has experience providing post-closure monitoring & maintenance services at several landfills located in California.  We currently provide post-closure monitoring and maintenance at the City of Alameda's Doolittle Landfill and Hillside Landfill.  We have provided post-closure monitoring and maintenance at Tuolumne County's Groveland Landfill and Jamestown Landfill, Junipero Serra Landfill, Contra Costa Waste Landfill, and Tacoma Landfill.  We also assisted Burrtec Industries set up post closure monitoring & maintenance programs for 12 inactive/closed landfills in San Bernardino County.